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The Competition (2018) A young woman psychologist, Lorraine, maintains her blog on the World Wide Web called PIG Theory. The girl sincerely believes that relations with the opposite sex can last no more than six months. Six months later, men begin to change and the girl's task is to leave the guy before, so as not to be abandoned. In practice, Lorraine behaves the same way. Her room is hung with a photo of the former cavaliers, and the diary records the merits and demerits of each of them. The psychologist's blog is very popular among women who also write on this topic.

Senior sister Lorraine believes that the relative is not right. As described in the film "Competition", she asks her subordinate, charming lawyer Calvin, to pamper her sister. The man liked the girl. He wants to refute her theory. To do this, Calvin suggests that Lorrain hold a secret competition. Five girls girlfriends will try to seduce the same number of men. And every member of the stronger sex must be married or engaged. If three out of five do not stand up to women's spells, then Lorraine will win, otherwise Calvin.

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