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Hold the Dark (2018) The film "Hold the Dark" sheds light on such low and cruel acts of man that it is difficult to imagine in a civilized society. Vernon Sloan returns from the war, looking forward to the moment when he will be able to embrace his beloved wife Medora and three children. However, the sweet moment of the meeting was spoiled by horrific news. Spouses live in Alaska in a small village of Kiluta. There are very difficult climatic conditions, but the winter has broken all previous records. The fierce cold did not spare even hardy wolves, and the predators that had lost their livelihood were forced to move closer to people.

The local residents are in a panic: in the village there are already three children, whose tattered bodies were discovered nearby. Among the unfortunate was and Vernon's son - 6-year-old Elephant. The man decides to declare to the vulture the gray predators, and his wife asks for help from Russell Kern, a writer and an expert on the living nature. The researcher is already old, but the tragedy interested him, so he decided to sort out the nightmare that was developing around Kiluta. By the time Kern arrived, Medora disappeared without a trace, and Vernon was in deep depression. Watch the movie "Hold the Dark" and find out that having studied the remains of the children, Kern makes an unambiguous conclusion - it was not done by wolves.

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