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Half Magic (2018)

Half Magic (2018) At the very beginning of watching the melodramatic film "Half Magic" we get acquainted with close friends who live in modern Los Angeles. They often meet and discuss each other's personal lives. Sex for them always becomes the main topic for discussion.

Graham May meets her boss for the first time, which seems too aggressive and straightforward to her. Between them immediately formed a tense relationship. It seems to him that he is ready to reject any of her ideas solely because of personal dislike. At this time, Eva, who achieved success as a designer of clothes, is outraged that her ex-husband Darren left her for the sake of a young girl from college. Eva particularly strongly resents that she paid for his studies at the art school, and now he leaves her without showing any gratitude. But she is ready to forgive him for almost everything. The heroine still misses him and often remembers how they spent time together. Simultaneously, Candy can not establish relations with his partner Daniel.

Do you like comedy melodramas? Then the film "Half Magic" can be a good choice. We wish pleasant viewing.


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Half Magic (2018)

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Half Magic (2018)

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