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Show Dogs (2018) In the center of the movie "Show Dogs" is a charming Rottweiler called Max. Despite being a police dog, helping to solve the crime, the dog never wants to have fun. Along with him he's always his human partner working for the FBI. By combining their efforts, they catch criminals and make this world a little better.

This time, the main characters investigate the mysterious kidnapping of a small panda. The more it digs, the more I understand the crime is much more complicated than it seemed at first glance. They discover that there is a whole criminal network involved in illegal animal trafficking. Soon, the heroes will find out that criminals plan to sell the panda during the prestigious animal show. Max will have to recharge and learn a lot to be accepted for this show. Only the dog himself used to catch criminals and not show up for the show. But there is no other choice, so we have to get involved in this matter.

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