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Bad Samaritan (2018) In the center of history, presented by the authors of the movie "Bad Samaritan" are young drivers who use their work as a cover for real cases. Both have long been involved in criminal activities, but never exceed the limits of theft. They're sure this kind of crime helps keep them invisible to the police.

Watching rich people, the main characters remember the program and then steal. Simple money offers it a comfortable life. The action takes place at the time when the criminals have decided to enter the house of an influential local businessman. They start studying their program, and soon they are preparing a plan that they will help enrich themselves so much that crime can be forgotten once and for all. And when the owner of the house leaves for his business, the heroes enter his home. However, on the spot, they discover not only the unsurpassed riches, but also a young girl, chained to bed. She asks them to save her ......

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