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The Mustang (2019)

The Mustang (2019) 12 years behind bars is not a small period; any person will be lost in space if he is released without proper preparation. Especially if we are talking about a man so closed. Roman Coleman, who is serving a prison term in a desert prison in Nevada, is trying to cling to a new life by succumbing to the persuasion of a full-time psychologist. The steppes of Nevada are filled with wild horses, mustangs, which can only be tamed by entering full contact and trust with an animal, and simply have the gift of communicating with them.

Horses are social and highly intelligent animals that can affect humans. Their gaze is capable of piercing hearts, falling in love with themselves; usually such a relationship remains for life. The rehabilitation program implies for each convict an attempt to take on one such animal, to choose a horse that he could tame, to become a friend and comrade. Of course, this is not given to everyone, but if the contact is established, then the probability of rehabilitating even the most culpable offender grows dozens of times, which means this is a worthwhile matter.

Roman often talking with a psychologist to share secret secrets, difficult relations with his daughter visiting him once every six months. The girl believes that the father has abandoned them, but he does not see the way to regain the trust of a loved one and only an absolutely wild mustang, makes him see the world differently. Communicating with the horse for a whole year, Coleman survived all sorts of feelings inherent in a person, joy, betrayal, hope and fear, faith and love, only a wild horse, which restored his faith in himself, faith in people, made him


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The Mustang (2019)

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The Mustang (2019)

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