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Snake Outta Compton (2018) Over the city of Compton flies a plane with snakes. Suddenly, one of them falls out and falls right on the police car. At this point, the local guy Wurkel is next. He is short-sighted and therefore has to wear glasses in order to at least somehow eliminate visual defects. The guy takes a creepy hand and picks out an egg from it. At the same moment a cub hatch from it. It was he who was destined to instill fear and horror in the whole huge city in the near future.
And the thing is that the neighbors of the young man organized a noisy brewer about the fact that tomorrow they will have an audition at the local label. In the meantime, Wurkel decides to try his laser to zoom in on a small living creature. And what was the surprise of the young man, when the baby turned into a huge monster, which broke out into the streets of the city.

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