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Alad'2 (2018)

Alad'2 (2018) The ancient Persian tale about Aladdin does not allow filmmakers from all over the world to sleep in peace, and here we are offering you a wonderful new French film “New Adventures of Aladdin 2”! It tells us with sparkling humor that Aladdin began to get bored a bit in the luxurious palace of the Shah, but this did not last long for the sad fate of the fairy-tale hero. A new villain appeared on the horizon, and Aladdin re-engages in dizzying adventures to counter his insidious thoughts.

And the evil is embodied by the dictator Shah-Zaman, who wants to seize the throne, and at the same time a disgusting villain wants to win the heart of a beautiful princess. But since in himself he is hardly capable of evoking sympathy, he wants to force her to be her fiancé. What to do Aladdin? He leaves the palace and goes in search of a genie, without which not a single fairy tale about the good and cheerful Aladdin can do. So, dizzying adventures, beautiful video series and kind humor are fully present in this film.


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Alad'2 (2018)

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Alad'2 (2018)

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