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Brokedown (2018)

Brokedown (2018) The protagonist is a rock musician popular earlier in his midst. Not so long ago, an acquaintance with one of his ardent fans ended for him an engagement. Young people had a small accident on the way to their parental home and are now trying to get help in a provincial town whose residents are very aggressive towards aliens.

He was a rock star in his time. The peak of his popularity is gone, but one cannot say that nobody knows about him now. From fans, for example, there is still no end. The character even gets acquainted with one of them, and sympathy erupts between young people, which quickly develops into a reciprocal feeling. They have common interests, and they look at many things the same way. Therefore, after some time, the couple decides to tie the knot. The rehearsal of the celebration is noisy, in a rock get-together, under the rivers of beer and loud cries with wishes of happiness and all the best to the young.

After that, the heroes go home to their parents to tell them the good news, well, and get married properly, in a legal way. Their path ran through the desert, and even at night. The future husband and wife began another stormy quarrel with the clarification of the relationship and waving hands. As a result, their car crashed into a tree, and now it’s impossible to continue in it. Only one thing remains - to ask for help from the residents of a small settlement that is nearby. But why are they so hostile to visitors?


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Brokedown (2018)

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Brokedown (2018)

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