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The Angel (2018)

The Angel (2018) In 2007, he was found dead under the windows of his apartment in the capital of Great Britain. The plot of the film “Angel”, which in 2018 will feature Netflix, is the real biography of Ashraf Marvan. He was one of the richest people in Egypt and the son-in-law of the former president.

A few years before his death, information leaked out that he was a spy for Israeli intelligence. According to some data, in 1973, during the war between Israel and the coalition of Arab countries, he was recruited by the Mossad.

However, some historians and journalists are confident that he worked on two sides at once. And being a double agent, he supplied the Israelites with false information.

The culprit of the scandal itself has always denied any connection with the intelligence services. Marwan earned his billionth fortune by trading arms, as well as engaging in other profitable businesses. After being accused of espionage, he began to fear for his safety.

Therefore, many of his suspicious death, considered not accidental. Why the sixty-three year old billionaire fell from the fifth floor is still unknown. However, his relatives and police are inclined to believe that it was a murder.


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The Angel (2018)

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The Angel (2018)

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