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Warning Shot (2018)

Warning Shot (2018) Mother and daughter, not living too rich, learned about the death of his grandfather, who lived a hermit on his farm. After the funeral, the woman thought that as the only close relatives they could inherit a spacious estate. Audrey works as a waitress in an eatery and tries to support her little family for meager tips. She tried to talk to the owner of the place so that he would pay her overtime, but it was all useless. Together with Schaenna, the heroine went to a lawyer. He said that the deceased old man was in possession of vast land areas, as well as water rights.

In anticipation of the announcement of the will, Audrey decided to live in the villa with her daughter. She did not know that one dangerous man decided to take possession of someone else’s property and sent home two old thugs to the old man. Bobby wanted his father to be proud of him. The gangster did not guess that the owner of the estate died, and all the rights to water could pass to his heirs. But nothing could stop the villains. They thought that a scared and helpless woman and a little girl would definitely cope.


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Warning Shot (2018)

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Warning Shot (2018)

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