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Minutes to Midnight (2018) In the movie “Minutes to Midnight” seven best friends, who adore various extreme rest, decide that they will meet the next New Year in a completely different way, namely, in a hut located in the middle of the forest. Without thinking, they find a suitable house and its respectable and confident owner. Having agreed with him about renting, the guys are in anticipation of a great holiday. However, young people could not even imagine that the coming New Year's Eve for some of them would be the last in their life a short and vibrant life. The fact is that on December 31, when the guys raised glasses of champagne in honor of the upcoming New Year, a mysterious, ruthless masked man announced a bloody hunt for them, who killed everyone who got into his way, regardless of age, with particular frenzy. and the floor. And it is necessary for such a thing to happen that it was our heroes who got to the maniac on the road who would do everything, just not to become another victim of a mad ripper with a huge machete in his hands hurrying to their hut at all times ...

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