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Killers Anonymous (2018)

Killers Anonymous (2018) Despite the fact that filming a new indie thriller "Anonymous Killers" is in full swing, casting into the project continued until recently. In the last car of the outgoing cast of actors, the inimitable Gary Oldman (Oscar for Best Actor in Dark Times) and the fascinating Jessica Alba (nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Actress in the Dark Angel TV series) jumped, writes Empire. The director of the film is Martin Owen ("Yes be evil"), the script was written by him, together with Elizabeth Morris and Seth Johnson.

According to the plot, we find ourselves in a completely different world that exists outside our everyday world - with its order, laws and rules. Everyone in the end is waiting for death, everyone feels an unbearable itch, hears a voice from the darkness, ordering to extinguish the flame of someone's life. You can face a stranger on the street, exchanging polite smiles with him, not even suspecting that he at this moment presented himself standing over your bloody body emitting his last breath. And for such people there is a place. They all killed, they all think about killing. Someone wants to stop, someone wants to talk, and someone needs to be listened to.


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Killers Anonymous (2018)

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Killers Anonymous (2018)

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