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Kangaroo (2017)

Kangaroo (2017) The film "Kangaroo Jackpot" is a comedy about the incredible adventures of two American prostitutes in Australia.

The friendship of Louis Booker and Charlie Carbon began twenty years ago, when the first saved the second from certain death. After growing up, the guys did not lose touch and remained friends until now. But things are not going as smoothly for both of them as we would like, and even on the horizon unnecessary strains with the mafia are looming. To solve all the problems on the root, Charlie and Louis agree to the assignment from one of the criminal bosses, who instructs to transfer the cash package to Australia.

Heroes are a bit nervous, but their real problem begins when, having already arrived on another continent, they knock down the kangaroo machine. For fun and vivid impressions, Louis puts on an animal, believing that it is off, his red jacket, into whose pocket he laid the ill-fated envelope with fifty thousand dollars. But suddenly the kangaroo comes to himself and rushes nasty.
Charlie and Louis have nothing to do but pursue the "kidnapper" across the continent, getting into ridiculous situations and amazing adventures.


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Kangaroo (2017)

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Kangaroo (2017)

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