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Lifechanger (2018)

Lifechanger (2018) Yuri Stoleshnikov is a professional football player who has successfully played in the Russian national team for several years. His life was almost perfect, it had everything he wanted: huge fees, expensive cars, beautiful girls and stormy night parties. But everything changed when the hero of the movie "Coach" made an unpardonable mistake. During another important match, Yuri needed to make a penalty. It had to become a key, decisive moment in the game. But Stoleshnikov hesitated and failed to score a goal. Nobody expected from him such a miss, however, like himself.

After that, you can forget about the career of a football player at the international level. Yuri was allowed to play one or two years after the disqualification, but that's all. However, Stoleshnikov did not agree to these conditions. He left the team and decided to go his own way. Provincial football club "Meteor" needs a coach. Yuri was invited to this post. He agreed. The young man will have to overcome differences within the team, deserve her respect and trust, and this is very difficult. At the same time, the hero meets his love - Varya, a pretty doctor of rehabilitation. Will a drooping football player return to normal life? ..


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Lifechanger (2018)

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Lifechanger (2018)

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