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Pickpockets (2018) The young guys Fresh and Dogs are engaged in robbing the passers-by on the streets of the city. Sometimes with them for the company participate two more friends, making a distracting maneuver. The guys are looking for a victim, well dressed and obviously with money. Next, the pickpockets play a small play, and snatching out the purse and phone from the victim, quickly escapes. And all this occurs in front of the surveillance camera's lens, which teens are well aware of. But they work so fast that while the police arrive at the scene of the crime, pickpockets scamper with profit.
Guys are lucky and they do not yet come across to cops, continuing their dishonest, illegal business. They live in poor, eternally needy families, and do not consider it shameful to take away the superfluous from the rich to take it to themselves. Behind what the guys are capable of, followed by a middle-aged former swindler, hiding from the police. Chucho decided to teach young pickpockets his skills.

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