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Knife + Heart (2018) Anna, who dreamed of personal happiness, again disagrees with the next gentleman. After a break in the relationship, the woman turns into a convinced cynic. Believing in the absurdity of love, she begins to lead a loose life and gets to know Lois. A new girlfriend talks up a loser to do directing porn movies. The heroine of the movie "Knife in the Heart" agrees and begins filming a series of films related to the genre of gay porn. The creative process is smooth and fruitful. But, suddenly, one of the actors is being killed. Not giving this event special attention and writing off what happened to chance, Anna hires a new guy to perform the main role.

However, with the next poor fellow, the same thing happens. Gradually, the mysterious murderer begins to take lives and other guys involved in creating a porn film. Realizing that she is dealing with a distraught maniac, the female director is afraid for her own safety. Overcoming fear, the heroine, along with Lois, tries to identify the ill-wishers and prevent him from committing another crime.

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