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10x10 (2018) At the very beginning of watching the British thriller "10 x 10" we get acquainted with Lewis, a young man who, as it may seem at first glance, is the most ordinary guy. He practically does not stand out from the crowd and does not arouse any suspicion among the people around him. But no one knows that in fact he carries a serious danger and is easily able to commit any crime. Lewis is angry and wants revenge. This idea becomes so intrusive that it changes its behavior. And soon Lewis begins to plan a kidnapping.

The psychopath builds a special room ten by ten, creating in it ideal conditions for sound isolation. Here he is going to put the girl. He knows that in this place she can not call for help. Immediately after the construction of the room, Lewis traces Cathy. He kidnaps her in broad daylight and brings her to her house. Lewis throws her into an isolated room. Now he's going to find out her dark secrets of the past. But he does not know that Cathy is not what she says she is.

Do you like intense thrillers? Then the film "10 x 10" can be a good choice. We wish the most interesting viewing.

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