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Museum (2018)

Museum (2018) The film "Museum" tells about the robbery, which really happened in 1985 in Mexico. The desire to get rich pushes people to rash acts. In most cases, a person gets a job, gradually moves up the career ladder getting material benefits along with a salary that increases in proportion to the position. Others find faster ways to gain financial prosperity and plunge headlong into the troubled sea of business, hoping to ascend the crest of a wave of fabulous profits. There is also a third category, whose representatives can be counted among hopeless adventurers.

It is to this category that Juan and Wilson are referred to as overgrown dunces who study at a university in Mexico City. Guys dream of wealth, so they decide to rob the National Museum, which stores artifacts belonging to the era of the ancient Maya civilization. Surprisingly, two nedotepam succeeds in implementing a criminal plan. Friends get into the museum while the whole country celebrates Christmas and unhesitatingly pack backpacks with valuable artifacts. The accomplices return home, but deciding to sell the stolen face an insoluble dilemma. See the movie "Museum" and find out that it is not easy to realize the national treasure, and the police are getting off their feet searching for bold robbers.


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Museum (2018)

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Museum (2018)

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