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The Mercy (2018)

The Mercy (2018) Donald Crowhurst from the movie "The Mercy" ran into a number of problems. His business is on the verge of collapse, and the welfare of the family is at stake. Claire's wife supports her husband in everything, but not the fact that her strength will last long.

The way out of the difficult situation is spontaneous: a large newspaper in 1968 announced the holding of a competition - a round-the-world regatta. The hero is always an adventurous and enterprising person, so he grabbed a ghostly opportunity with both hands and began training. He applied and began looking for sponsors. Donald had to spend more than half a year on a boat alone in the open ocean, which meant that the ship should be made of heavy-duty and equipped with the latest technology. If successful, Crowhurst will be famous and saved from ruin, and he did not even want to think about failure.

Donald got all the necessary, although, the closer the start of the regatta, the more doubts the traveler was overcome. Having found himself far from the shore and faced with the first tests, he realized that he had taken on an unbearable burden, but he could not turn back ...


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The Mercy (2018)

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The Mercy (2018)

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