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Robin Hood (2018)

Robin Hood (2018) In the center of the plot of the film "Robin Hood 2018" is a brave young man who sincerely believes that he is obliged to benefit his citizens. Trying to understand how best to do this, he forcibly goes on a crusade, hoping that this action will be able to benefit all the inhabitants of England. However, disappointment awaits him.

Even greater indignation for Robin comes at a time when he returns to his native land. For several years of absence, familiar places have become a hotbed of corruption. Local lands came desolate, and at this time in the palace the elite does not deny themselves anything. Robin learns that the ruler constantly raises taxes, and to all dissatisfied they use brute physical force. Being beside themselves with anger, Robin decides to change this state of affairs. He launches a mass-revolution flywheel to take money from wealthy upstarts and share them with those who really need them.

Do you prefer adventure stories? Do you like English folklore and stories based on popular medieval folk ballads? Then the film "Robin Hood" can be a worthy choice. We wish the most interesting viewing.


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Robin Hood (2018)

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Robin Hood (2018)

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