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Smallfoot (2018) Starting watching the animated film "Smallfoot", the viewer plunges into the wonderful world of Snowmen. Creatures every day deal with their own affairs, raise children, explore new lands and try to entertain. But most of all Snow people love to tell each other different stories about unusual mythical creatures.

Once the main characters gather around the fire to tell a few legends. One of the storytellers decides to tell the younger generation about the existence of terrible monsters, which Snowmen call "Smallfoot". He talks about the fact that they wear special clothes, go to work, are engaged in bleaching their teeth, and their hair grows only on the head. The youngest ones are horrified by the history they have heard and immediately run away. In order not to frighten children even more, he tells that the whole story is just a myth and an invention. However, not everyone believes this. In the community there is a yeti who are sure that these mythical creatures actually exist. He is going to prove his theory.

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