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Genesis (2018)

Genesis (2018) The events of the documentary "Genesis" begin to unfold in the territory of the Novosibirsk islands in the Arctic Ocean. It is here that desperate and brave hunters search for the remains of long-lost animals. We are invited to observe the life and activities of a group of such hunters.

In the center of the plot is people who have a huge experience in the search for the remains of ancient animals. The camera will follow their every move for several months in a row. We will see how the Yakut hunters search for tusks of extinct mammoths. This commercial life will unfold against the background of the beauties of the pristine nature and will intersect with the world of modern technological achievements, in which the best minds of mankind continue to seek answers to questions related to the cloning of creatures, which we know only from the found remains and theories of researchers.

Look online at the documentary "Genesis" right now to see this story and find out what successes the Yakut hunters have achieved.


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Genesis (2018)

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Genesis (2018)

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