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Stuber (2019)

Stuber (2019) The dramatic plot "Stuber" tells about the ridiculous combination of circumstances, completely turning the well-established, familiar life of the main characters, randomly bringing people together, forcing them to accept the existing reality, in order to achieve a single goal, to rid the world of yet another evil.

Vick, an adult, cynical, purposeful person, precisely because of such vivid characteristics, and mentality, has a deserved prestige in the police department, where he worked for nearly a decade.  Experienced, independent, having a rich biography, a man works as a detective for a long time, doing what he likes.  The only problem is that it is difficult for him to converge with people, which affected his personal life.  However, this allows you not to be distracted by extraneous trifles, completely giving in to the chosen path, calculating, pursuing, transferring to the courts malicious criminals, receiving some pleasure from righteous work.  He has practically no deferred office work, considering how carefully, immaculately scrupulous, he performs the duties assigned by the leadership.  But there was a monstrous tragedy, when a bloodthirsty, cold-blooded, ruthless maniac appeared in the city in a short time, who killed several unfortunate victims.  An attempt to quickly investigate, to no avail, and the detective had to postpone insignificant events, set off after the killer.  Each time, the offender, in an elusive way, manages to slip away.  One day, Vick, pursuing an enemy, stops a passing taxi, demanding to immediately follow the car.  For a young guy, Stu, the owner of the car, this episode became momentous.


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Stuber (2019)

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Stuber (2019)

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