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Battalion 609 (2019)

Battalion 609 (2019) In 1999, a bloody and brutal civil war broke out in Yugoslavia, dividing the country into two hostile Serbia and Kosovo. Action thriller turn around at the airport in Pristina, which is torn by the Kosovo Liberation Army, led by Brahim.

If he gains control over a strategically important object, the mass destruction of Serbs cannot be avoided. A small group of GRU special forces arrived to the aid of the Slav brothers in a lightning march. Their task is to keep the airport until the arrival of the battalion. The task is complex and almost impossible to accomplish if Scout Andrei, who was previously introduced into the enemy’s army, cannot help.

However, the Roma who stole Venus, the daughter of Brahima, who is in love with the Russian intelligence officer, interfere with the task of Andrei. Andrew needs to make a difficult decision: it is necessary to choose one thing between the duty to the Motherland and the protection of the honor of his girlfriend.


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Battalion 609 (2019)

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Battalion 609 (2019)

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