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Gully (2019) Before us is a rather gloomy vision of sunny Los Angeles and life in it. No question is not in the fantastic ideas about this city. And about the private perception of heroes who watch what happens in it through the prism of their perception.
Since the heroes of the picture are three not very satisfied with the life of a teenager, then their perception of their respective. However, is it worth blaming them for this? For a start, it is worth getting to know them better and to learn about how and with what they live.
In general, meet, it's Jesse, Calvin and Nicky. All three had a far from happy childhood full of trials, which greatly influenced the influence of their character, outlook and temperament. Although for everyone and in their own way.
Young people are looking for their place in life and often go on about their own desires. Thirst for new impressions and pleasures sometimes leads them to rather contradictory and difficult situations.
But they do not leave attempts, to find their own way, and in fact it causes respect. Especially since cities like Los Angeles love persistent young people. After all, perseverance is an important feature for achieving goals and climbing to the top. But will the guys have enough strength and will they not get confused? Let's see and find out the answer.

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