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Spawn (2019)

Spawn (2019) "Raymond Gaines has been working in the Los Angeles rescue service for a long time. He is currently going through a difficult period of his life. Some time ago he was resting with one of his daughters. During a rafting session, an accident occurs and the girl dies. The man continues to blame himself her death. The wife cannot be with her husband and filed for divorce. The only bright spot is the second daughter named Blake, with whom he wants to move to San Francisco.

Lawrence Hayes is an experienced seismologist who, together with his assistant, is engaged in earthquake prediction. His equipment recorded strange quakes near the local dam. When the team arrived at the scene, there was a powerful impetus that destroyed the structure. As a result of the collapse, Lawrence’s assistant dies, but he himself is fleeing and trying to warn the residents of Los Angeles that the city will soon be obliterated and everyone needs to be evacuated.


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Spawn (2019)

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Spawn (2019)

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