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The Broken Ones (2018) Shaun eventually finds her way into the house, and gives instructions to Jasmine. When Eddie and Duncan next threaten the children, Jasmine leads them to the safe, which Shaun believes only Peter knows how to open. Shaun returns with Peter, a knife at his throat, demanding her family's release. Eddie shoots Peter dead, and Shaun flees back to the woods. Peter had a flash drive containing computer code on a necklace, which is all they needed to unlock the safe. With the money in a bag, Eddie now intends to burn the house with the children in it to cover their escape, which Sam is uncomfortable with.
Duncan and Sam find Shaun on the roof during another rescue attempt. She jumps, pushing Sam off to his death, saving herself with the rope she had tied to the roof. Meanwhile Jasmine frees herself and Glover, having cut through their bonds with a shard of glass from a broken lamp. The children escape the house and join their mother with Eddie in pursuit, but they have Sam's truck keys. Shaun runs over Duncan as they try to drive away, but Eddie shoots at the truck and causes it to crash.

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