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Destined to Ride (2018)

Destined to Ride (2018) Those who will watch “The Congenital Rider” will receive the most sincere pleasure, because this family film telling about the adventures of a young girl Lily on the farm at Aunt Glo, where her parents send her for the summer, is like a “link to Shushenskoye” and has a curious plot. Lily was bored at first, but later found new friends and a new hobby.

And this hobby is horse riding, and although the first pancake turned out to be a tremendous lump (Lily crashed from the horse in front of everyone!), But then the smartest horse Pistachio enters her life, and the world is colored with extraordinary colors. But ..., oh, this is the notorious "but"! Well, there can be no idyll without a villain. His role is played by the neighbor of the kindest aunt Glo Chuck Former, who has long been grinding his tooth on his aunt's ranch. And, alas, aunty has a problem, and the ranch is about to go into the wrong hands. And then Lily offers Former a bet that will win the local Pistachio competition, causing him to laugh. But Chuck Former accepts the wager and ... but what will happen next, the audience will recognize this wonderful movie.


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Destined to Ride (2018)

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Destined to Ride (2018)

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