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Lakshmi (2018)

Lakshmi (2018) In the course of this creative competition, various talented guys and girls take turns taking their places to demonstrate their extraordinary performances. Talents are ready to express themselves to the whole huge country and show their creative abilities. But Lakshmi, with all his burning desire to dance, and trying to enroll in the competition, cannot get support from his own mother. A woman does not see the future in such a profession, and refuses to help her daughter realize her fantasies. Indian cinema Lakshmi 2018 you can watch online in our cinema.

Suddenly, the heroine meets Krishna, who is ready to give the beauty any necessary support and assistance. After meeting with this man, the young lady, unexpectedly for everyone, received an invitation to the cherished show. It is still unknown who caused this cause, but, apparently, Krishna put his hand to this. Who is he and how is he connected with show business? Can Lakshmi win the match and become a star?


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Lakshmi (2018)

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Lakshmi (2018)

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