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Pyaar Prema Kaadhal (2018) One day the duo get stuck in an elevator and end up kissing instinctively. Sindhu brings Sree home and they have sex after which Sree confesses his love for Sindhu. To his shock, she rejects him saying that they are only good friends and insists that she does not love him. She refers to their sex as a casual indulgence whereupon Sree leaves her house in complete disgust. Sindhu constantly tries to pacify him and Sree finally gives in, agreeing to continue being friends with her and begin to hang out like before. At a party, Sindhu tries to get intimate with a drunk Sree but he gets upset and shouts at her for merely using him and criticizes her character. He also reveals to everyone that he had sex with Sindhu, making her angry. Sindhu confesses that now she also loves Sree but is disheartened by his behavior and mindset, thus ending the party on an unpleasant note.

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