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Tamil Film 2 (2018)

Tamil Film 2 (2018) Meanwhile, he comes to know that Ramya is not a fool whereas a psychologist. Knowing this, Shiva broke up with her. His friends advised him that he needs to reunite with her. He decides to but he comes to know that Ramya went to America. Shiva also goes to America to find her. They reunite in Central Park.

Then it was revealed that Shiva went on a mission in America so that he could catch P. When the mission was in progress, Ramya was kidnapped and killed by P.

Back to Chennai, Shiva is very sad about Ramya's death. His grandmother asked him to take to her cemetery. She took some promises which were to kill P, marry a beautiful girl than Ramya and to give her a grandson.

Shiva sketches a plan to catch P by demonetizing 500 and 1000 rupee notes. He goes to a temple to attend his friend Bharath's(R. Sundarrajan) marriage. There, he meets Gayathri, a lookalike of Ramya and he gets shocked. He proposed her the next minute when he saw her.

This demonstration leads P to stand at an ATM queue because he had 1 lakh crores of 1000 rupee note. Shiva executed his plan perfectly but however, P escapes from there. Shiva catches him at his Kovalam Beach Resort. He kills him but however, he comes alive and becomes the CM of Tamil Nadu.

Bodhi (Gerard Pio), a saint calls Shiva and says that P is immortal. The enmity between P and Shiva is for 76 generations. B.C. 300, King Adhiyamaan (Ajay Rathnam) was ruling Kovai. He appointed Piyaar (Sathish) as dance teacher of the kingdom. But his dance was demonic. Bharathamuni (Shiva), another dancer whose dance was divine, wanted to do a dance-off with Piyaar. The King also said that the winner will get a jackfruit which will give immortality to the one who eats it and also his daughter Kalissi (Iswarya Menon) will get married to him. But unfortunately, Piyaar's henchmen kill Bharathamuni and his grandmother. So, Piyaar gets the jackfruit and becomes immortal.

Now, Shiva needs to go to BC 1492 to win the dance-off with Piyaar. He gets a time travel watch from a watch mechanic. He goes to BC 1492, wins the dance-off, Kalissi, and the jackfruit. Then he comes back to 2018, and he meets P who kidnapped Gayathri. He reveals that he ate the jackfruit and P is no more immortal. He fights with his henchmen and Gayathri sings. Irritated by her singing, P kills her. Shiva also kills P and goes to jail.

In the post-credits scene, Shiva comes back from jail after 25 years. But his grandmother kills him, showing her villainous "D" nature, albeit being acquitted in the first film.


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Tamil Film 2 (2018)

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Tamil Film 2 (2018)

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