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Red (2018)

Red (2018) The famous American painter Mark Rothko is very popular not only in his own country, but throughout the world. His talent is admired by many famous and wealthy persons, including the Rockefellers and Kennedy, who are ordering a painting from him for a lot of money.

But despite the success and financial security, Mark constantly feels emptiness within himself. Every day he endures an inner struggle with himself. He is a creative person and not always his views on art coincide with the desire of the customer. On the one hand, he wants to draw what the soul asks for, but money and fame also play a significant role for him. He is currently working on a “pop” project to create canvases for a pathetic restaurant in the center of New York, Four Seasons, but he doesn’t come up with thoughts. Mark wants to pour out someone's soul and first his young assistant Ken comes to his mind. For a few hours, men talk about contemporary art and discuss great people who had become famous once in this field. What will this talk of two talented people lead in the end? Whether Rothko is destined to finish the order or personal desires will be higher than the reputation and money?


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Red (2018)

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Red (2018)

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