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The Silent Revolution (2018)

The Silent Revolution (2018) West Berlin, 1956: High school graduates Theo (Leonard Scheicher) and Kurt (Tom Gramenz) learn about the uprising in Budapest during a visit to the cinema. When they finally return to Stalinstadt, they tell their classmates Lena (Anna Lena Klenke), Paul (Isaiah Michaelski) and Erik (Jonas Dassler) how many people lost their lives in the Hungarian uprising.

In honor of the victims, the entire high school class wants to hold a minute's silence. But what the students take for granted is met with resistance from the rest of the school. Not only the school rector (Florian Lukas), but also the entire school class are soon observed by representatives of the Stasi. Nevertheless, the students hold together and do not push out the names of those who had the idea of a minute's silence.


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The Silent Revolution (2018)

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The Silent Revolution (2018)

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