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Dead Pigs (2018)

Dead Pigs (2018) The main thing in the plot: Strange circumstances, it sometimes violates people's plans. Unexplained series of murders, very worried about the main character. But he does not yet know that some thoughts can materialize, and thereby create problems. In the capital of Iran, one after another die movie figures who are considered at the moment, the most urgent in the country. No one can understand the logic by which these murders take place. In the city, and in the artistic environment, instantly this strange situation becomes overgrown with gossip and pseudo-parts. The protagonist of history, in the past was the director, disgraced by the Iranian government.
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At the moment, Hasan was a little bit forgotten by critics and spectators, which brings him some discomfort. But when all these deaths begin, the hero is not at all afraid to die. The only thing that worries him is why the killer ignores him. In the head of a man, different thoughts sweep, maybe he is not so talented, that even the murderer of the filmmakers does not care about him. This man is ready to do anything to make his glorious days come back. But soon, he becomes the accused in these murders.


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Dead Pigs (2018)

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Dead Pigs (2018)

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