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The Honor List (2018)

The Honor List (2018) Honor, Sophie, Isabella and Piper in the film "The Honor List" since childhood were best friends who always and in every way supported each other, spending time together and sharing secrets from their personal lives. During their friendship, the girls got a lot of fascinating stories, with which they gladly share with the audience. But, unfortunately, it so happened that life has scattered the girlfriends of someone to where and they have lost touch with each other. In fact, once the best friends for different reasons, separated from each other, occasionally calling up and writing in social networks.

But, alas, the sudden and sudden death of Onor seriously made the heroines not only think about life, but also to meet together, thus restoring the shaken friendship, even in such a tragic way. Remembering Honor, they meet with her mother, who gives her friends some things for her daughter, including the list of the deceased girl. This list of Onor represented the girl's ordered desires, which, unfortunately, she never managed to accomplish. And now her friends, having got the list, decide to realize the wishes of the deceased friend, thereby fulfilling the last will of the deceased ...


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The Honor List (2018)

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The Honor List (2018)

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