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Primal Rage (2018) In the center of the plot of the film "Primal Rage" of horrors is a young girl named Ashley. Her husband is in prison, but she humbly waits for him at large. And when Max's time comes to an end, she goes after him. Ashley is sure that the routine trip will pass without any complications and will not cause difficulties, but she still does not imagine that soon she and her husband will have to fight for their own survival.

After taking his wife, Ashley goes home with him. However, they are suddenly lost in the dense Pacific forests. And at some point their situation becomes hopeless. Trying to get out of the woods, heroes risk their lives. But the worst thing is at the moment when they meet on their way the legendary creatures that were considered fabricated. One of them is the Snowman. And he will not tolerate visitors in his house. The people who disturbed him must pay a high price for their insolence. At the same time on the way of the heroes there are local residents who are ready to help them.

The film "Primal Rage" we want to recommend to view the online to all viewers, who love horror and truly gloomy stories.

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