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Blood Surf (2019)

Blood Surf (2019) The film opens with John's vision of screaming people in the water and being killed by something under the water. A plane full of people getting psyched up to try Blood Surfing at some remote island known for its sea surfing locale lands on water. A documentary is planned on the blood surfing exploits of Bog (Dax Miller) and Jeremy (Joel West) who is known for extreme sports, with camera operator Cecily (Kate Fischer) and her boyfriend/producer Zack (Matthew Borlenghi). As the film progresses Cecily's interest in Bog develops.

After arriving the group decides to head to shark rich waters by a remote island, so they contact local guide John (Duncan Regehr) and his girlfriend Arty (Taryn Reif). John at first refuses to go, but then relents and accepts the job on the condition his sail team come along, including the young Lemmya (Maureen Larrazabal) who is attracted to Jeremy. The group heads out to the shark zone, despite John being plagued by visions of screaming swimmers being devoured by something in the water. Clumps of meat is thrown in to attract the sharks while Bog and Jeremy suit up, slit their feet, and begin surfing among a group of sharks. While taking a break from the shoot, at the beach they saw a shark is eaten by something gigantic and fills the ocean water. The group wisely call it a day.


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Blood Surf (2019)

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Blood Surf (2019)

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