» Ford v. Ferrari (2019)

Ford v. Ferrari (2019)

Ford v. Ferrari (2019) This is a very real story about the creation of one of the fastest racing cars in world practice. It is about the confrontation of two companies - Ford and Ferrari, which developed in full force in 1966 on the eve of a future competition called “24 Hours of Le Mans”. During this period, there was no race car better than that developed by the experts of the empire of Ernzo Ferrari.

However, the grandson of Henry Ford decides to challenge the opponent and takes on the construction of a car that surpasses the characteristics of the machine of his opponent in all indicators. Engineers, designers and designers with extraordinary thinking are involved in the work, able to find an innovative approach to the development of their new brainchild. Among the geniuses of the sports automotive industry is one of the most professional racers - the American Carroll Shelby, who is also a great designer. Together with them, the British racer Ken Myles occupies a worthy place in the team. The result of hard work is a modified Ford GT40. It is this special version that takes part in races and fights for Grant-prix. The main task of a race participant is to defeat the dominant team of their main sports opponent.


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Ford v. Ferrari (2019)

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Ford v. Ferrari (2019)

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