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CashVille (2019) While narrating Cheney's tearful deathbed goodbye to his family after another hospitalization, Kurt is killed in a motor accident while jogging. In March 2012, his healthy heart is transplanted into Cheney. A few months later, Cheney permits Liz to take a public stand against same-sex marriage to win election to her father's former Congressional position, leading to the fragmenting of the Cheney family. At the end of the film, an irate Cheney breaks the fourth wall and delivers a monologue to the audience, stating that he has no regrets about anything he has done in his career. A mid-credits scene depicts a focus group descending into chaos when a Trump supporter slams the film as liberal "propaganda" and wrestles with a Hillary Clinton supporter on the panel as two other panelists discuss the next Fast and Furious movie.

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