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Heretiks (2018) The young girl Gloria is abducted by sectarians and is going to sacrifice her in order to free the terrible demon. A group of people in strange clothes, is preparing to hold a rite of worship and give the sacrifice to be torn apart by otherworldly forces. But, Gloria comes to life alive and well, among the dead bodies of her tormentors. She could not believe that she had gotten out of this nightmare. It takes five years, the heroine of the film "Heretic" is trying to forget about what happened and finds support from his girlfriend Joan. Soon the events of five years ago are felt. It turns out the monster of which she was so afraid, all this time was near and waiting in the wings. Now, he is free and wants to get what belongs to him ... We offer to watch the film "Heretics (2018)" online for free in high quality in Russian.

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