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The Rising Hawk (2019) The tribe of Carpathian hunters opposes the army of powerful murderers. In 1241, the world shudders at the onslaught of the Mongol-Tatar yoke, which is rapidly expanding the borders of its empire. Nomads capture entire cities captivating thousands of innocent people. Defeating a strong enemy is not an easy task, therefore, the valiant Russian princes are forced to swear allegiance to the cruel aggressor. The army of the ruthless Khan of Burundi hurries to the west to demonstrate their superiority and recruit new slaves. The horde stops for the night at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains, unaware that it is waiting for them in the near future.
A group of desperate brave souls frees unfortunate prisoners and dissolves in the tangled labyrinths of mountain gorges. An angry Khan orders the brave warriors to go deep into the mountains in order to destroy all the settlements that they will meet on their way. He is ready to devour everyone who dares to encroach on Mongol greatness. On the side of the invaders stands Tugar Wolf. A boyar thirsting for fame and reverence reports to the leader of the Tatars that the Berkut brothers committed a daring act. The Horde intends to take revenge on the fearless upstarts, who unceremoniously interfere in their plans.

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